This site is dedicated to famous Persian Sufi, best known as Rumi:

To better understand Rumi’s belief system and where his point of views comes from, it is a must to know Islam. An English translation of Koran is provided here. This is the most accurate and easiest to understand translation I have found so far. This copy is in PDF format so you can easily save it to your computer or mobile device for reading and listening.

English Translation of Koran (PDF format)

Unfortunately a very small portion of Rumi’s poems and writings have been translated properly into English. Rumi has 2 famous poetry books Masnavi and Divane Shams. A less famous, but easier to understand book is called “Fihe Ma Fih” which is available here as a PDF file for your reading. Click on the following link to view this file:

Fihe Ma Fih Book

Masnavi is a collection of about 30,000 lines of poetry, which Rumi used as the delivery means for his spiritual teaching to his chosen student (Hosam Al Din). Almost all these teachings are placed inside stories. Rumi uses these stories as carriers for his spiritual teachings. A certain level of familiarity with Islamic spirituality is needed for understanding his lessons. Unfortunately most translators of Masnavi (Persian or non-Persian) don’t have this familiarity. That is why most translations only give the easy to understand version of the story, but omit the harder to grasp spiritual lessons that follow that story. Some English translations can be found at the following websites:

Dar Al Masnavi  /  Sacred Texts

Divane Shams is also a collections of close to 30,000 of his poems. Rumi wrote most of these poems to express his spiritual journey and his love for his spiritual teacher (Shams Tabrizi). These poems are the ones best known in the west due to numerous references to “love”. Here are a few sites who are collecting English translations from this book:

Rumi On Fire  /  Dar Al Masnavi