Masnavi: 6.67.22 to 6.67.30
Reason will not seek a hopeless path ——- It is love which will run that way mindlessly
Love is reckless, not reason ——- Reason seeks profitable things
(Love) runs fast, burns itself, has no shame ——- In hardship (tolerates pressure) like to a millstone
(Love has) thick skin, has nothing on back ——- Seeks gain, (but) has killed ego
(Love) loses everything, will not seek reward ——- Similar to receiving everything from Him (God)
God gives his livelihood without any cause ——- Again, the Generous, takes it away without any cause
Generosity is giving without any cause ——- “Giving Everything up” is out of national boundaries
Because (a) Nation seeks advantage or freedom ——- (Those who) give everything up are special sacrifices
(They) do not seek to test God ——- Nor (do they) seek (or think about) profit and loss