Shams 0636

Rumi: Book of Shams: Poem # 636

Die, die, die in this love — as you die in this love, you will receive spirit.

Die, die, have no fear of this death — (you will) rise up from this dust, receive heavens.

Die, die, let go of this self — this self is like shackles, and you are like captives.

Grab a pick, for (digging) a hole in prison — as you break (this) prison, you are king and ruler.

Die, die, for (this) beautiful king — as you die for (this) king, (you) are king and famous.

Die, die, rise up from this cloud —  as you rise up from this cloud, you are all radiant moon.

You are silent, being silence is being close to death — (it is) because of this life that you escape from silence.